Minor Update

  • For members we’ve added the ability to relist a listing, for when you want to copy a listing to a new listing and maybe update some of the details.
  • UX Improvements to first time listings, to resume creating listing
  • Improvements to listing review system

100k+ Monthly page views

I’m excited to announce during October and November we had over 100,000 pages views each month. It had been just under that during the middle of the year, but now has raced over that line and looks to keep on going up and up.

With around 10,000 visitors per month, which means a lot of people are having a good look around.

Since last year we have doubled in size. Next year we will push ahead with new features and improvements.

The Better Contact Update

It’s been over 12 months since the last update post, but it’s been a very busy 12 months of behind the scenes improvements to filter spammers and scammers from the system. This has been an ongoing battle for the past year and it has been very important that we create a system of checks to prevent bad listings on the website.

We block 1 in 5 listings before they are published, which has kept us very busy checking every listing. Unfortunately this has delayed a lot of progress as focusing on these much needed filters and data analytics has taken quite a bit of time.

Phone information improvements

We’ve added a number of new features help better contact outcomes for everyone.

  • Phone information, so you can place on listings the best time for people to contact you.
  • Optional phone privacy mode, that allows you to require people to login to see phone information.
  • Phone only option, that hides the contact form. This is for when phone is better than email for you.

Member Information improvements

We’ve added some information about members to help visitors make more informed decisions when contacting listings.

  • We’ve added join data, so users can tell if they are dealing with an experienced site user or someone new to Pets4Sale.
  • An active years badge to show members ongoing years of good status with operating on Pets4Sale.

Next week I hope to have some exciting numbers to share, but until then make sure your pets have water because it’s getting hot!

More Growth during October


  • 7,400 visitors, with 11,000 visits
  • 63% was from search traffic
  • most search term was “puppies for sale nz”

A number of small improvements over the month, focusing on making things better with ease of use and quality improvements. Small changes to layout to help users find what they are looking form.

Foundation Update

Today marks a huge update in the behind the scenes listings and creating adverts code. For listing users there’s an overall improvement to the create advert flow and listing management. Some performance updates and preparation for new features.

This is a big milestone on our roadmap for delivering the best little site we can and you will see new features being added over the coming months.

Bumper month for July

July was jump in numbers for website traffic, which was great but came with a few challenges.


  • 6,200 visitors, with 8,800 visits
  • 57% was from search traffic
  • most search term was “puppies for sale nz”
  • 59% of users are on mobile devices

We’re very happy with how google is taking a likely to the website, also ensuring our site is mobile friendly is a huge help. Unfortunately we also have had an influx of cyber attacks from international locations, a number of which are masquerading as New Zealand based. Some have been easy to detect, but more are becoming increasingly more difficult to detect as we continue to work on security. This month we improved scam protection on listings and implemented improved spam detection on the messaging system. Unfortunately this has held up improvements to the classified listing system, security is our top priority so it is important we undertake this work ahead of improvements. Hopefully this month we can get back to more exciting things than stopping scammer.

Please Remember

  • All communication comes from the pets4sale.nz domain.
  • We will never ask for your password.
  • If unsure, please use the contact form on the website which comes straight to pets4sale.

If you see something suspect on the web site contact us and we will investigate.

New Image Manager

A new image manager has been added in the my listings section > images. Once you have created your listing you will be able to better manage images with, rotate, set main image and the usual upload/delete.

This is part of improvements for the create and edit listing process. Next on the road-map is to add better create listing, with more options and features.

Update: Message system

The message system received an overhaul today, making it better and easier for people make contact regarding a listing. Also a number of other small improvements.

New features

Online Messages storage: A copy of messages are now stored on the site in your message inbox, so if your email is wrong or the notification went missing you can always check for an online copy. Moving forward we will be training our spam filters on this to look for both spam and scammers.

Better my listings page: Now shows listing status, so you can easily see if your listing is running or if there is a problem. Fast links to edit, images and messages. If you wonder why your listing has stopped, just contact us and we’ll look into it.

Message the seller: Now more visible, and uses the more familiar recapture by google. An improvement for prevent robots sending spam.

Web Site Update, Mobile UX

60% of our visitors, view the site on mobile devices. Today we roll out a number of improvements for Mobile (and desktop) to work towards a the most usable site we can possibly make.

This also sets the base for our next road map updates, which will be better messaging, checklists and more listing detail.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.