The Better Contact Update

It’s been over 12 months since the last update post, but it’s been a very busy 12 months of behind the scenes improvements to filter spammers and scammers from the system. This has been an ongoing battle for the past year and it has been very important that we create a system of checks to prevent bad listings on the website.

We block 1 in 5 listings before they are published, which has kept us very busy checking every listing. Unfortunately this has delayed a lot of progress as focusing on these much needed filters and data analytics has taken quite a bit of time.

Phone information improvements

We’ve added a number of new features help better contact outcomes for everyone.

  • Phone information, so you can place on listings the best time for people to contact you.
  • Optional phone privacy mode, that allows you to require people to login to see phone information.
  • Phone only option, that hides the contact form. This is for when phone is better than email for you.

Member Information improvements

We’ve added some information about members to help visitors make more informed decisions when contacting listings.

  • We’ve added join data, so users can tell if they are dealing with an experienced site user or someone new to Pets4Sale.
  • An active years badge to show members ongoing years of good status with operating on Pets4Sale.

Next week I hope to have some exciting numbers to share, but until then make sure your pets have water because it’s getting hot!