Bumper month for July

July was jump in numbers for website traffic, which was great but came with a few challenges.


  • 6,200 visitors, with 8,800 visits
  • 57% was from search traffic
  • most search term was “puppies for sale nz”
  • 59% of users are on mobile devices

We’re very happy with how google is taking a likely to the website, also ensuring our site is mobile friendly is a huge help. Unfortunately we also have had an influx of cyber attacks from international locations, a number of which are masquerading as New Zealand based. Some have been easy to detect, but more are becoming increasingly more difficult to detect as we continue to work on security. This month we improved scam protection on listings and implemented improved spam detection on the messaging system. Unfortunately this has held up improvements to the classified listing system, security is our top priority so it is important we undertake this work ahead of improvements. Hopefully this month we can get back to more exciting things than stopping scammer.

Please Remember

  • All communication comes from the pets4sale.nz domain.
  • We will never ask for your password.
  • If unsure, please use the contact form on the website which comes straight to pets4sale.

If you see something suspect on the web site contact us and we will investigate.

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