• $100 Female Dark Brindle Mastiff/American Bull Dog 2 Yrs Old, vaccinated, dewormed/flea, desexed but has had 1 litter prior. She is named Rousey, 29Kg Long/lean build. Smart, great watch dog, good with young children. She may need time to get used to another owner but she doesn't bite strangers, more so curious. She has a great watch dog bark. Asking price will be for his registration, not for profit as I figure someone who registers her will be serious and take care of her. Once she gets t read more
  • $100 Male Dark Brindle Mastiff/American Bull Dog 12 months old, vaccinated, dewormed/flea. He is named Runty, but he is over 25KG stocky and still growing. He is good with young children, good paced at walking, but does need someone who is able to train him more as he can get nervous. He is also very affectionate and "smiles" often. He is also protective of the home, and would probably need some time to get used to another owner. Vet recommended desexing at age 2 due to his breed so he can grow read more

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