• $250 We have 4 beautiful black and white border collies x a bitsa lol but she's an amazing family dog and super fast so these guys could be perfect for hunting dogs as well as amazing family dogs as they are been raised around my 2 year old son and 6 year old niece they are absolutely beautiful and very cuddly. There is 3 boys and one girl My vet can vaccinate if new owners would like to go halves I would be more than happy to go halves with you. I'm possibly looking at getting them done myself as read more
  • $1,000 I have 1 male and 1 female for sale Bordoodle the 2 most intelligent breeds. They are very low shedding and require very little coat maintenance . Bordoodles are perfect pet for active family's . Well suited to lifestyle blocks. They are both very friendly and well socialized . Good with other dogs https://www.kruizenkennels.com.au/bordoodles/ Happy living inside or out read more

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