• $25 I have 7 baby budgies and 11 adult budgies. None of the budgies are related. I spent the last 6months travelling between Auckland and Wanganui purchasing these budgies with the intention of breeding next season. Unfortunately my circumstances have changed. None of these budgies have been used for breeding this season. There’s a couple of lutino’s, 1 albino, 2 rainbow, Pieds and yellow faced budgies. The only green one is a olive green English budgie with a yellow face read more
  • $1,150 This lovely bonded pair are just over 1yr of age. Male is blue and female is green. I have the DNA paperwork for the male, but am unable to find the paperwork for the female. I purchased them a couple of months back with the intention of breeding them, but unfortunately due to a change in circumstances my priorities have changed. read more