At Stud

  • $500 Half blue smoked Persian half Ragdoll stud. Only for mating purposes he’s not for sale. He’s friendly natured with children, very beautiful mix. I encourage you to meet us and our boy. Kittens inherit their nature from both mother and father so that it’s very important who your feline cat mates with and I think my boy is the perfect fit. Mr Darcy produced 1 healthy litter and another litter on the way to another Queen/feline. If you have any questions please message me. read more
  • $750 Available for breeding now. Siamese / Oriental type. Google to find out more about the amazing Havana Brown cats. Spacious, furnished and carpeted indoor/outdoor living quarters with heating. A real gentleman - beautiful nature, fabulous personality. I encourage you to come and spend time with my Stud boy, be certain he meets your expectations, as his offspring will be very like much like him. Kittens inherit their nature from the MALE and gain character from their upbringing, this is read more