Membership Information

We’ve added some information about members to help you make more informed decisions when contacting listings. We hope you’ll find this information useful.

Joined: 2018, March

Joined date is taken from the date of the first listing, this is the members effective join date. This lets you know how long a person has been an active member on the site.

2 years

After 1 year, a member qualifies for active member years. This badge shows the members ongoing good status with operating on Pets4Sale.

A year is counted if the members created a listing during that year. Sometimes active years can be less than the years since joining, this is because members may not create listings every year since joining.

First Time Listing

This lets you know that the user has just started listing on the site. Any listing within a few weeks of joining receive this status, so it’s possible that there may be more than one first listing.

New Member

Member has been a member for a few months.