Neopolitan Mastiff / x Puppy

From a litter of 13, saddly 3 passed xx

1x Male pups

I have found a home for his brother Chubby he was raised with and now I am looking for a family for Tane

Tane (Tan colour)
Born 16 August 2018 (11+months)
Wormed & flea'd monthly.
Have had parvo vaccinations

Due to change of circumstances i would like them to go to forever homes.
Experienced with large breeds.
They do need a master/s

Would make good guard dogs.
Curious and playful
Need to have time to spend with him.

He currently sleeps inside at night im going to try start outdoor.

Mother is (black) Neopolitan Mastiff Bordeaux / father breed I dont know
(Vet viewed 1of her siblings said possible Staffy breed)

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Would like to have updates on pups.

Pics ov puppy and mother..

Price: $350

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