German shorthaired pointer X Labrador puppies

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Beautiful litter of 10 pups born 18/10/23
2 x white/liver girls
2 x white/liver boys
5 x liver girls
1 x liver boy

Mum is our 3yo family/hunting dog and is half GSP half Lab. She has been trained on mainly duck and pheasant but has done the odd deer hunt (shows a lot of natural instinct though). She is extremely family oriented and loves to play and hang out with our 2 young boys. She loves to spend as much time with the family as possible and is never far from our feet! Because she is half lab she is less energetic that your average pointer, she is happy just hanging at home for the day, but is equally happy to run around all day at the beach.

Dad is a friend\'s working dog who is a 2 yo purebreed GSP. He has pheasant and rabbit hunting experience and shows a lot of natural instinct and tenacity in his young age. He is sweet and snuggly and very active.

GSPs are good looking, loyal and well natured dogs who are great all-round hunters as well as lovable family dogs. They are very active and energetic, make great hunting dogs when trained correctly and need to be stimulated both physically and mentally to ensure you get the best out of your dog.

Labs are fantastic family dogs, they tend to have a sweet temperament and outgoing nature and are one of the most sought after breeds in NZ. They can be both great hunters and family pets.

We believe the mix of lab and pointer makes for an ideal family and/or hunting dog due to the reduced energy levels and fantastic temperament. They are extremely amenable to training as they form strong bonds with their owners and love to please.

We would prefer our pups to go to a person/family that will have the time and energy to care for an energetic and intelligent dog, and ideally they will hunt with the dog as this is what they are made for!

Happy for you to visit the pups, we are in Mangawhai. Puppies will be ready at 8 weeks 13/12/24 (just in time for Xmas!)

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Price: $1,000

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