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These FIVE, ( pup 1 sold ) pups are loving life and are looking for their new home,
They are 9 weeks old now....update 27 November.

They play and sleep and sleep and play in the outdoor compound and come inside with us every night around 6pm, we play and talk with them constantly so they are well rounded, even natured and very loving pups.
Born on 21st of September to our lovely American Bulldog X Collie girl and their Dad Terrence, my Sons Collie boy.
There are 3 Girls and 2 Boys.
The Boys are numbers three and six.

SOLD No. 1... Girl with long fluffy Collie coat, amazing markings, a black band over her shoulders and a bumble bee tail match her colourful and happy personality.

No.2. Girl, nicknamed Marie after the scientist Marie Curie, she has a kind of serious nature, an endearing girl., She takes in all around her and is ultra lovely.

No.3. Boy, beautiful boy, possibly he will end up with blue or green eyes, hard to say, semi short coat, large eyes, playful, fun and good natured, he is vocal, a lovely boy.

No. 4. Girl, Collie girl with great puppy humour and zest and oh so loving she loves hugging under your chin, letting you know how much she loves her human.

No. 5. Girl, Cute Bulldog features with short coat she is small and spritely pup with great muscle tone, she is strong for her size, very clever and ever happy.

No. 6. Boy, Little Bully Boy, all white apart from his brown patch over one side of his face in classic Bulldoggy fashion, he is stocky and a playful pup who is weighty considering his size with plenty of personality.

We are just South of Auckland, in the Drury/Pukekohe area.

Any questions please feel free to text or call me, Denise, 021 044 9151. or email
[email protected]
Thank you

Price: $200

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