Dark golden retriever X Fox Red Labrador

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3 girls
3 boys
6 weeks old, all puppies are a dark golden red color which will be the colour they grow into or even darken up with age

All puppies are super adventurous all ways exploring new places with out their mum.
All puppies are super use to loud noises and lots of things happening around them as we live on a busy farm and have 2 small kids that play with them all day
All puppies are so far showing signs of being extremely trainable and picking up new things daily.
All are very well socialized with people and other animals
All the puppies are loving finding puddles and are all so playful with us and each other

Mum is a Fox Red Labrador
Dad is a Dark Golden Retriever (pictured in last photo)

They are a great mix between the Labrador and Retriever breed. These puppies will make great pet dogs/hunting companion or anything you would like them to be, with mum and dad being extremely trainable with great natures these pups have a bright future ahead of them.

Mum is an amazing pet dog, very loyal and great with little kids, she\'s very affectionate. She\'s also very handy hunting dog, super easy to train. Loves the water swims in the sea, also loves running on the farm with all the farm dogs, or behind the horses on the farm or when we take them for a hunt

Dad is a gorgeous looking dog, super friendly great pet dog also a very handy hunting dog as well, water loving and great with children, super trainable

Puppies are regularly wormed, they are on royal canin puppy food and are growing well, they are being well socialized with people ( 2 puppy loving children doing a great job) they have been introduced to cats and chickens

Puppies will have their 1st vacations from the vet before going to their new homes.

Veiwings are more than welcome, or if you need more photos/videos happy to send some through

A $500 deposit is required to secure your selected puppy.

Price: $1,500

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