Hey beautiful girlies 😍
My name is Bertie and I am a 1 and a half year stunning purebred (and proven) Ragdoll stud!!
I am gentle, friendly and affectionate in nature and always treat my girl with utmost patience and kindness.
My wife and I have created 3 lovely kittens over this breeding season and I am now ready to spread my seed to any willing girls who need a casa nova 😉 able to produce ragdoll kittens (and at an affordable stud fee of $400 instead of $550 or $600).
My furparents and I will accomodate your precious girl at our home (not in a cattery) for 2 days or so until we have achieved the deed and if unsuccessful she is welcome back for a second mating free of charge.
All you need to do is bring your princess along with the litter and food she is use to and comfortable with and fetch her again in a couple of days while my mum sends you updates of our progress 😊😍😉.
If youd like to get in touch feel free to send my mum a message to discuss any further details/questions you may have 🙃🙃.

Price: $400

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