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I am seeking a new home for my pug. She is 5 years old and in good health. She has given birth to three healthy litters of puppies and now is comfortably retired from breeding, having had her last litter at the beginning of this year. All births were natural, never had c-section or any type of surgery. However, I believe she will be best suited to a new home as she is lower-energy and not getting along with my younger dog.

As a former breeding bitch, she is an excellent example of the pug breed. She is beautiful with great conformation to breed standard, cute face wrinkles that form a diamond shape on her forehead, and a fawn coat that is even and smooth. I've had her since she was a puppy and raised her on a diet of Blackhawk puppy kibble + fresh meats and veggies from my farm.

Personality-wise, she is excited to meet new people but is overall low-energy and prefers napping in the sun, in her favourite spot in the yard. Like many pugs she is not the smartest, but she is perfectly toilet trained to go on the grass. She is also well-trained to her schedule of breakfast at 7am and dinner at 4pm. Doesn't make a fuss during the night, but does not like being left alone so she ideally suits someone who can spend regular time with her each day. She is alright with other dogs, she's a very motherly dog but will try to dominate, so if you have other pets you'll have to be patient with integrating her.

She does not come with papers and I do not recommend you breed her further as she has already done her share. She is not currently de-sexed. I recommend desexing as she is still having estrus cycles.

If interested, contact me for a viewing. We live in the north shore of Auckland and welcome visitors. The dog is very friendly and loves playing with new people. Feel free to ask any questions.

Price: $1,500

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