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Born 26/08/2022, ready 4/11/2022 (10weeks) Introducing a very special litter of firsts, neither Chloe nor Locke have had a litter before, this has been long awaited. Have you been awaiting that perfect puppy?

These Poodles of joy are 95%+ Miniature Poodle, the remaining less than 5% is Shih Tzu, they will look, act, and feel like purebred poodles with a more sturdy nature.

Our Shoodles are known and proven for their therapeutic tendencies and true sporting ability. PROVEN BLOODLINE- perfect pets and talented obedience + agility dogs, structurally sound and kind natured.

Mummy Chloe is a Blue F1b Shoodle (over 90% Poodle), she has a DNA health cleared Lineage on her Dam\'s side. She stands at 14\" tall & 6kg and has a beautiful elegant face. Very intuative, extremely loyal nature, she is a super clean girl. Locke is our Purebred Chocolate Poodle stud, standing at 14.5-15\" tall & 7kg, Correct-Straight-Square. Highly intelligent, very athletic boy with a gentle nature. Both are devoted pets.

Asher- Blue with minimal tux, VERY adventurous active boy confident.
Loreto- Chocolate no white, VERY snuggly loves being on his back.
Mateus- Black active natured, quite a confident boy! Theo- Chocolate white chest active but settles quickly.

Photos 10 Chloe(mum), 11 Locke(dad)

All out babies come with a special personalized puppy packs, 30 days free pet insurance, grooming voucher (for canterbury), and more.

Our babies are raised inside our home as our family, they will be used to being on the couch and listening to the TV they are NOT outside dogs. We have 3 generations of these babies. Raised with ENS (military founded- improve heart rates+ stronger heart beats, adrenal & immune systems, and stress tolerance) from day 3-16 to give them the BEST start possible.

Raised on a correct raw diet with option to transion if you get in early. Our babies are strictly pet only with a non breeding contract. Can deliver within Canterbury, open to NI travel.

Price: $2,800

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