Black Shepherd Or Belgium Shepherd Last Pup!!

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Last puppy (girl) Belgian Retriever Shepherd 1st vaccination and vet check done All worm and flea treatment up to date If picked up puppy will come with food, toy, blanket etc. 30 days pet insurance Can be delivered using Mr puppy mover, air nz, origin air, pet express or air chathams at buyers cost

An elegant, muscular dog, the Belgian Sheepdog is a loving companion that excels as a herding and guard dog. Originating in the 1800s, the Belgian Sheepdog is an intelligent, easily trained, active breed that does best when given a job or purpose. One of four types of Belgian sheepherding dogs, he is distinguished by his long, black coat, which has a dense undercoat and requires weekly brushing.

DID YOU KNOW? During both World Wars, Belgian Sheepdogs proved themselves valuable by working as message carriers, ambulance dogs and pulling machine guns. The first Belgian Sheepdog kennel was established by Nicholas Rose of Groenendael, Belgium, and his black sheepdogs, Petite and Picard d’Uccle.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Belgian Sheepdog, Chien de Berger Belge

Price: $1,500

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