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We are super fun, love kids, fine with cats and 9 weeks old vaccinated twice and ready to bring lots of love and cuddles to a new family. The Cavoodle, also known as a Cavapoo or Cavadoodle, is a cross between two beloved and popular dog breeds, the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Intelligent, gentle and affectionate, this little ball of fluff is a perfect family dog that gets along well with children and other pets. Despite their small stature, they make great guard dogs, too Cavoodles are hypoallergenic! This is a great pup for you if you’re allergic to dogs.  Playing and cuddling! They love to be around people, play with balls or toys, or simply curl up on your lap while you watch a movie.  A Cavoodle is a loving family dog that forms great attachments to its humans. They’re perfect family dogs This intelligent, gentle, even-tempered breed gets along well with people of all ages, from your new baby to your great aunt. They like other animals, too. Your Cavoodle will be a happy and loving addition to your household. Cavoodles do well in public places Dog park? Visit often. Pet-friendly restaurant? Your Cavoodle will be a perfect gentleman or lady while you dine. Your pet will be happy and well mannered whenever and wherever he is with you. They’re good watchdogs Your Cavoodle has inherited a hunting dog’s keen awareness of its surroundings, and will likely bark when strangers arrive at your home. Cavoodles crave attention from their families, loving nothing more than being in a household with lots of people, so it’s important to train your pup to be OK alone. Pick up wanganui or sent via air nz, air chathams or mr puppy mover credit card available

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