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  • $700 Add me on face book Zane d booth 9 beautiful puppy's range of colours and genders 3 boys +6 girls American bull is the father. and black staffy girl is the mother.both dogs are our family pets awesome nature very good around kids so would be ideal for family pets but all round pets. also have picture of puppy's & parents. very hard to get good photos of puppy's and definitely does not justify th read more
  • $850 Purebred border collie puppies. Father a tricolour mother black and white. 2 bitches, 1 dog. 8 weeks old and typically absolutely delightful. White face bitch still has wall eye (blue) this may or may not stay. Previous litter also had this. It is quite normal. Booked in for vaccination. Weaned and ready to go read more
  • $1,500 Don't judge me but i need to find my Cavoodle his forever home. I want someone who understand the breed. He is 5 years young and has separation anxiety. He doesn't want to be left without his owner. He is active and enjoy the beach and bigger breed playmates. His shots are up to date and has been desexed but still like to hump his soft toy. He doesn't relax easily. He is microchipped and registered at council. I adopted him but due to p read more
  • $2,000 Gretel and Oliver have produced 5 healthy pups born on 31st July, as wonderful PETS only. Second and last mating together, as Oliver has moved away. Gretel is a 3/4 Pug, 1/4 German Spitz (like a Pomeranian, so she's similar to a Pom-a-Pug) and Oliver in a purebred Pug. Both parents are cool, fun and healthy. Photos available of parents and also of Gretel's parents and those of the last litter. read more
  • Pedigree pug stud for hire. 4 years old in his prime. Outstanding temperament - docile, playful, well-socialised with people and other dogs. NZ-born, farm-reared and healthy. He gets plenty of outdoor time and exercise. No problems with breathing, hips or eyes.   Excellent conformation to breed standard. Muscular body, wide shoulders, large stocky head. Well-proportioned. Co read more
  • Hi we are a small active family looking for a puppy to join our advantures. We think that GSP Labrador cross would suit us well. We are looking for a healthy good natured friendly pup. If you have one or know of someone who has some for sale please contact me. read more